Plan For Yourself


Plan for yourself

Plan your innings for the long format – the real test match. Align your goals in life and prioritize what is important for you. Ask yourself and understand what keeps you happy. Do you want to be a man of the match or a man of the series? Set realistic plans by analyzing your

  • Long term goals
  • Lifestyle
  • Wants
  • Own a house
  • Buy a car
  • Start a business
  • Save for retirement

To achieve the preceding goals, you need to consider your income and expenditure, focus on your goals and regularly review your plan and make changes accordingly.

Start your innings with investments. “Investing is a plan, not a product.” For example, to invest in real estate, your initial game plan would be to finalize on:

  • Budget and pay out
  • Time of buying (right now or later)
  • Exit strategy (holding long term or sell in six months)
  • Best fit in your overall plan/goal
  • Get now and you plan the investment
To plan for yourself, you need to be empowered to understand the four-plan principle. Divide and invest in four plans:

Plan to be secure

Win a toss, trust your batting order and choose to bat; set high targets and feel secure. Similarly, to have a secure investment plan, buy a big term insurance policy and forget about market linked insurance plans (ULIPs). Reserve some money and trust your financial planner to do a good job with it. This reserve fund comes handy as an emergency fund. Setting this up acts as an automatic plan that saves your time and effort.

“Feel secure with at least one plan.” – Choosing to be secure or to be rich, determines what you do while following your plan. It is similar to setting your goals for playing a test match. You may choose to bat until teatime and declare, or play whole day to score more runs on scoreboard. You are the right person to make informed decision about which plan is suitable for you.

Plan to be comfortable

There is nothing wrong in ticking the scoreboard with singles or twos, without taking a risk of hitting sixes or boundaries. It is your independent choice to be in a comfortable zone. This is a straightforward approach for salaried persons who save a portion of their income to invest in diversified mutual funds, SIPs or specific stocks and use 80C section of Income Tax Act to minimize their taxes.

Plan to be rich

Increase your strike rate to become the star performer and not just a sheet anchor. Increase your strike rate than being an average investor. Average investors are considered as slaves in the market. Gaining and losing money is directly dependent on the market status. As an average investor, you do not either lose or gain much. In fact, when the market crashes the average investors lose maximum.

The secret behind investing is not about the investment, it is about the investor. A good investor is always clear on where should he/she invests his/her money! You can make money even when the market is fluctuating. A batsman with power, timing and caliber successfully takes the game off the opponents. Similarly, the difference between average and rich (above average) investors is the three E’s that the average investors lack:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Excessive cash
A successful education starts with a good mindset. A successful investor has much more education than the average investor does. A successful investor is committed to getting better and better with good education.

Live your life Fund

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