Your Team for Winning the Financial Game

The game is changing faster than you can imagine, and its not just cricket we are talking about. The financial markets are changing every minute, just as the game changes every ball. Gone are the days where all your decisions could be made over 5 days in the test matches, we are in the era of T20’s where every second counts.

Similarly, the financial markets are constantly changing, trading is faster, international markets have a bigger impact on our local markets like never before, and all of these have to be monitored, analyzed and summarised. Acumen is your expert partner for analyzing these changes, catching trends early, reading the market’s next moves and picking the right portfolio to come out victorious.

It’s a free-hit that’s your’s to grab!

Acumen prides itself in giving our existing and prospective clients a completely free portfolio management service. In other words, free analysis and advice for existing investments, current commitments and future goals. We do not charge you for design and management of your portfolio or revisiting your portfolio.

We have an electronic scorecard just for you!

With our financial tracking tool, you get a constant stats of where your investments stand and a day/night live status of your portfolio. To make it even more useful we are working extensively to add direct equity and other asset classes as well.

Hot property on the field! At your home venue!

Acumen helps you get the hottest properties onto your real estate investment portfolio, this investment product is designed to leverage real estate investments to their best potential. Acumen has its own projects and also has associated with companies like Brigade Group and Mantri Developers. With our legal teams scrutinizing every aspect of the approvals, licenses and statutory requirements for every project, rest assured that your investments are in the right place.

More than what talent scouts do for the game

In the vast opportunities that are open for investment many are fraught with high risk, many are long term performers, some better for a short term investment and many are not worth the returns that they can give you. As part of our culture at Acumen, we believe in ever expanding the product portfolio to include the best options available in the market.

Pandits Not Punters!

Acumen, with its in house research analysts makes sure that the products offered on its portfolio are well managed, stable and have a clear and transparent strategy. All of these will maximise returns and minimise risk. An approach that is of a pundit who goes by stats and science than that of a punter gambling on a wild bet.

We Are Expanding
As on date we have 03 branches in India. Bangalore being our head office we have opened a branch in Patna and Varanasi. Very soon we will be opening up our branch in Nagpur.

Meet Our Management Team

Kumar Abhinav (Opening batsman)

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Director

Experience in wealth management sector as a key contributor in major multinational banking and finance sector companies.

Kumar Ayush (Opening batsman)

Co­-Founder Director

A decade of specialization in stocks and real estate markets. Responsible for equity, market and real estate investments at Acumen.

Gautam Sharma (All-rounder)

Product Head

Graduate in commerce, masters in business administration and specialisation in marketing and finance from Karnataka University. Over 15+ years in banking & financial services having association with Centurion Bank of Punjab Ltd , DBS Cholamadalam Distribution Services Limited House and work experience as a branch manager with ICICI securities Ltd. Expertise in:

  • Analyzing existing client portfolio
  • Redesigning new portfolio as per client needs and goals
  • New product analysis and recommending to the clientele
  • Financial planning and portfolio management of individual clients (ranging from Retail to HNI Clients)

Gautam Sinha (Coach)

Investor, Mentor

A serial entrepreneur started his efforts to establish companies since 1996. Even though the initial two startups underperformed, he proved third time lucky. He quit working for a company in 2008 and came out of what he calls the cycle of “work-leisure”. He turned as a seed investor and started “MyFirstcheque” along with his two friends. Gautam is currently living his dream life, which is to create enterprise value from scratch (read and write). He currently works with highly driven entrepreneurs as an investor, co-creator, or as a mentor, who has the courage to fail but the spirit to persevere. He invests in startups through Myfirstcheque and in his personal capacity as an angel investor. His investment in Acumen Wealthcare is also in an individual capacity. He has done his post-graduation from XLRI in 1994 and is based out of Mumbai. He authored his first book in 2013.