Investment Products


Portfolio Investment Products

Choose from the wide variety of investment products and stay in peace for the rest of your life. Our high quality investment products provide a variety of options, clarity and results that gives a pinch of extra taste to your dish.

Long Term Investment

A strong financial solution takes care of your long-term goals. When you think of long term, you need to think of an expert solution. Make use of our products that help you design your long-term plans.

Corporate FDs

Why not a corporate FD when you can get a lot more returns than a bank FD? You may pay slightly higher post tax return as compared to bank FD, but also receive higher return for the investment you make.

Direct Equity

We help you invest money in stock markets and get maximum returns depending on the individual stock performance as well as the overall market trend. Check out the product page for detailed information.

Mutual Funds

Join hands with our fund manager to invest in an indirect from of equity investment, wherein we park your money in a particular Mutual Fund scheme that does the best in the market.

Real Estate

Gated community is what we focus on. Therefore, we majorly have tie up’s with builders for apartments in several locations.